Innovation with Ease


•  Raqim - A Comprehensive ERP

Image Visualisation

•  takhayul- Envision Dreams

Health and Technology

•  Lublin- An Indigenous User Friendly Insulin Pump

Network Forensic

•  Identification of Hidden VoIP (Grey Traffic)

Vehicular Adhoc Networks - VANET

•  Fleet & Convoy Management Using VANET

•  An intelligent hybrid spread spectrum MAC for interference management in mobile ad hoc networks

•  Adaptive Routing Update Approach for VANET using Local Neighbourhood Change Information

•  Classification of VANET MAC, routing and approaches a detailed survey

•  Protocol Independent Adaptive Route Update for VANET

•  Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET): A Survey, Challenges, and Applications

•  Need justification for adaptive route update in wireless ad hoc networks

•  Traffic information, management & emergency response service (TIMERs)

•  VANET Architectures and Protocol Stacks: A Survey

•  Security Architecture Parameters in VANETs

•  3D’-A Doppler, Directivity and Distance Based Architecture for Selecting Stable Routing Links in VANETS

Video Processing

•  Smart video packet trimming technique over congested networks

•  Smart Trimming of Video from Edge, for Fine-grained Adaptive Multicast

Signals & System

•  An intelligent hybrid spread spectrum MAC protocol for increasing the transmission capacity of wireless ad-hoc networks

•  Performance Analysis of Adaptive Beam-forming Algorithms for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System